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An electric SUV at McLaren?

The British automotive manufacturer is developing its first crossover. However, it has long said that it would not offer this type of vehicle! The new car would be electric only.

According to the British media Autocar, McLaren is preparing a crossover, which would only be available with a 100% electric engine. If the firm already offers a plug-in hybrid model (the Artura), it does not yet have an all-electric vehicle in its offer.

Until recently, Mike Flewitt, the boss of McLaren, also ruled out the possibility of making an electric vehicle. Mike Flewitt has also always opposed the idea of ​​a McLaren SUV. For him, it was even a wish of the brand’s customers, who would like McLaren to keep its exclusivity and remain firmly rooted in supercars.

But McLaren will have a new boss, Michael Leiters, who will take over in July. The wind would therefore already be changing direction internally, even if the firm did not wish to confirm the project for this electric adventurer to Autocar. Our colleagues evoke a launch during the second half of this decade.

With such a model, McLaren would set out to conquer a new clientele. Admittedly, the vehicle will certainly have a prohibitive price, but it will be more versatile than the rest of the range. The temptation of the SUV seems too strong. Equally prestigious labels have already succumbed. Ferrari is even preparing to launch its own. Lamborghini has already sold 20,000 Urus, 70% of customers being conquest.

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