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OLEV Scheme in UK Explained

The UK government recognizes the importance of convenient home charging for widespread electric vehicle (EV) adoption. This is where the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV, formerly OLEV) steps in with the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS).

The EVHS Grant

  • Financial Boost: The EVHS offers a grant to cover up to 75% of the cost of installing a charging point at your home, capped at £350 (as of March 2024). This helps offset the upfront cost and makes home charging more accessible.
  • Focus on Smart Charging: Since July 2019, the scheme only supports smart chargepoints. These intelligent devices communicate with the electricity grid, allowing for optimized charging times. Smart charging benefits everyone:
    • Reduced Grid Strain: By strategically charging EVs during off-peak hours, smart chargepoints help to minimize peak electricity demands on the grid. This translates to a more stable and efficient power system.
    • Cost Savings: Off-peak electricity rates are typically lower. Smart charging takes advantage of these lower rates, potentially reducing your charging costs.

Eligibility for the OLEV Grant

  • The Right Ride: Your electric car or plug-in hybrid car must be eligible for the scheme. Generally, for hybrids, CO2 emissions must fall below 75g/km. Always refer to the official list for the latest details:
  • Off-Street Parking: The EVHS requires you to have dedicated off-street parking where the chargepoint will be installed. This ensures safe and convenient charging for your electric vehicle.
  • Approved Installers and Chargepoints: To ensure quality and compatibility, the scheme requires you to use an OLEV-approved installer and purchase an OLEV-approved chargepoint model.
  • Timing is Key: The installation of your chargepoint must occur within 4 months of either the delivery date of your EV or the date you become the registered keeper.

Beyond the Basics

  • Outdated Information: Please note that the information regarding the £500 grant and the Scottish top-up grant is no longer accurate. It’s always best to check the official resources for the latest grant details.
  • “Granny Scheme” Nickname: While sometimes referred to as the “granny scheme,” this is not an official term. The EVHS is designed to encourage widespread EV adoption, not specifically for grandparents.

The Bottom Line

The OLEV scheme plays a crucial role in making home EV charging more affordable and promoting smart charging practices. This combination of financial incentives and technological advancements paves the way for a smoother transition to a cleaner and more sustainable transportation future.

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